Simplify Umbrella Review

Company Type: Umbrella Company | CIS Scheme

Editor's Highlights:

  • Offering a simple umbrella company solution, Simplify appear to be straight forward and honest in their approach.

We Asked:

Q: What makes your service stand out from the competition?

Here at Simplify we aim to be different!

Our approach is to provide an easy to use, compliant PAYE Umbrella solution with a straight-forward weekly or monthly charge, but most importantly to provide a service that is simple to use, with a team that are nice to do business with.

We always provide simple, honest, expert advice. If you’re going to use an Umbrella Company it’s really important you understand what we do because it is your hard earned cash that we are dealing with. When you use Simplify you will always speak to friendly, professional people, who not only know their stuff, but can also explain things in a way that non HMRC experts understand!

Our margins are low, and what we say is what you pay. We have no hidden charges, set up or exit costs, charges for processing expenses, extras for insurance etc.

Q: What qualifies a contractor to use your service?

We need to be sure that a contractor will actually benefit from using our service, so contractors need to have a minimum Ltd Rate of £9.50 per hour and have approx. £40 of expenses per week.

Q: How much do you charge?

Our fee is £22.50 per week (gross) or £80 per month (gross). We have no hidden charges, set up or exit costs, charges for processing expenses, extras for insurance etc.

Q: Can I claim expenses?

Yes. There is no additional charge for processing expenses, and as long as they haven’t been at the site for 2 years they can claim any legitimate business expenses that are in line with HMRC rules. For a detailed explanation, see our expenses policy at

Q: What level of insurance do you offer?

We provide:

  • £10m Employers’ Liability,
  • £5m Public Liability and
  • £2m Professional Indemnity.

Q: Is there a minimum joining period?

No. There is no minimum joining period. Neither are there set up or exit cost. Our approach is completely flexible.

Q: How do you ensure compliance with legislation?

Compliance is really important to us, and we work with a team of industry experts to ensure that we stay up to date with legislation.

We are Professional Passport Audited and are members of the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCO) so you can be sure that we are independently audited.

Q: How long have you been established and what is the company background?

We have been established since 2008, and are based in the East Midlands. Our business has been built on reputation and the level of customer service we give means Contractors stay with Simplify as they move from agency to agency and recommend us to their colleagues. Check out what they have to say at

Q: What's included?

  • Online Portal
  • SMS Payment Notification
  • Account Manager
  • Refer a Friend Scheme
  • Prof. Indemnity Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance

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