i4 Group (UK) Ltd Review

Company Type: Umbrella Company | Limited Company | Accountancy Service | CIS Scheme

Editor's Highlights:

  • i4 Group offer what appears to be an established operation with a variety of solutions for contractors including umbrella, limited and CIS. We found their service to be responsive. They also have an office in Australia, so great for those who are coming to the UK to find temporary work.

We Asked:

Q: What makes your service stand out from the competition?

  • Australian Office – offer non-uk nationals more expenses
  • Daily Fee
  • Bespoke software, tailored to agency and contractor needs
  • London office – open door policy, come in and meet us
  • Scanned receipts
  • Quick sign up – 5 minutes over the phone or online
  • Mobile phone app

Q: What qualifies a contractor to use your service?

Hourly rate must be over £9 an hour

Q: How much do you charge?

A mix of fees, depending on the gross pay of the candidate.

Can be as little as £2 a week, maximum fee is £28 per week

Q: Can I claim expenses?

Yes, we have an HMRC dispensation.

Q: What level of insurance do you offer?

For Umbrella:

£10m Employers Liability

£5m Public Liability

£2m Professional Indemnity

For our CIS product we offer:

£5m Public Liability

Personal Accidental Cover

For Limited Company

We partner with Qdos consulting to offer a full range of insurances

Q: Is there a minimum joining period?


Q: How do you ensure compliance with legislation?

We work with employment lawyers who check over all of our contracts and processes.

Q: How long have you been established and what is the company background?

30th March 2005

All staff have either worked for a previous umbrella company or recruitment agency so we know the industry inside out.

Q: What's included?

  • Online Portal
  • SMS Payment Notification
  • Account Manager
  • Tax Return Service
  • Refer a Friend Scheme
  • Prof. Indemnity Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance

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